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Teach Your Kids to Sew and Spend More Time Together Crafting!

It’s almost the end of the summer season which means you’ll want to spend as much time with your kid as possible. You might be looking an activity that will be fun for both of you and become a bonding session. Since it’s ridiculously hot outside for most of the day, an indoor activity is probably the best way to go.

Something like sewing.

Sewing will benefit both you and your kid, and it’s very interesting so your child will enjoy it. But what are those benefits exactly? How can you teach your kid to sew? Why should you do it? Well, let’s find out.

Why teach your kid how to sew

It doesn’t take long! By the time their summer break ends, your kid can master the basics of sewing. If you split the learning process into small chunks, they’ll make fast progress by completing them one by one.

It’s much better than watching television

Instead of watching meaningless television shows, your kid can use a computer and go through some fun sewing tutorials. You can find children friendly instructional sewing videos online easily, they just have to choose which style suits them best. They are simplified and focus on completing projects step by step.

It will make them stand out among their friends

Kids know how to value a good, useful skill. When your child makes a couple of items by sewing and shows them to their friends, they will become the cool person in their group. This might even make other kids want to learn how to sew, and yours could become their tutor.

It will keep them away from the summer heat

Summers are getting hotter and hotter, so staying out on the sun in the middle of the day can be dangerous. Just like reading, sewing can keep them occupied inside of the house until the heat passes. No more sunburns and heat strokes for your child.

How can you teach your kid to sew?

Keep their age in mind when giving them tasks

Younger children aren’t as skilled with their hands like the older ones are. Which means that they can’t do the same projects equally well. You should have your kid do very simple kind of sewing work first. Measuring and cutting the fabric, as well as threading the needle are ideal introductory tasks. As your kid improves, you can give them some more complex assignments.

Find some sewing books for children

These books are made so that they explain sewing in a fun way. Your kid can read them on their own or you can read them together. Some of these books are made to look like big picture books, which means they’re suitable for young children. Others are more adequate for older kids, so find one that’s the most appropriate for your little one.

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