Walt Disney Studios Park

The Walt Disney Studios Park offers a variety of shows and rides in addition to a Studio Tram Tour. In four studio areas you have the chance to look behind the magical scenes of film and television. Finding Nemo, Toy Story and Ratatouille are, for example, films by Disney, which you will recognize here. Disney Studio 1 is located in FRONT LOT, the entrance to Walt Disney Studios Park, and takes you into a Hollywood-themed movie setting. Continue to the studios of PRODUCTION COURTYARD, a fascinating world of cinema and television. In the studio area BLACKLOT is the highlight of the rides in the Walt Disney Studios┬« Park: the roller coaster Rock’n’Roller Coaster. It is the most visited attraction at Disneyland Paris. While driving you listen to the music of the rock band Aerosmith, to which it was dedicated. For fans of cartoon characters and animations, the studio area TOON STUDIO is probably the most attractive. Here you shrink Toy Toy Playland on toy size and experienced on the Crush’s Coaster a wild underwater ride on the back of a turtle.

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Disney Village

Finally, visit the Disney Village entertainment center. Here you can have fun in many ways. Restaurants, shops, a cinema complex, Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Dinner Show, nightclubs and much more await you. Sometimes the food is served on roller skates and you get a show during the meal. The Disney Village remains open after the Disney┬« Parks shut down and is the perfect way to end the exciting day.

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Disneyland Paris shows and parades

Shows and parades are an integral part of Disneyland® Paris, to surprise visitors every time. The shows are constantly changing and new ones are added, so it does not get boring. On special occasions and holidays such as Easter or Christmas, there are suitable events that inspire enthusiasm in every guest. Especially at Walt Disney Studios Park there is a great, ever-changing program. This is ideal for a longer stay at the Disneyland. A recommendation can hardly be pronounced here, because every show is unique and terrific. For many, though, the Disney Dreams show is an unforgettable experience that they love for years to come.

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