All inclusive Disney vacation packages 2019- Review article

What is Disneyland?

The term “Disneyland” refers to an amusement park that revolves around the world-famous works of famous American cartoon producer Walt Disney. The imaginatively designed facilities are divided into various themed areas, where numerous attractions, shows and parades await visitors, both young and old. The resorts also include several hotel complexes and a variety of dining options.

All inclusive Disney vacation packages 2019- Information

In which countries can you find the Disneyland and how many parks are there?

There are currently 14 Disneyland Parks worldwide in four different countries and on three different continents, divided into five resorts:

North America: Anaheim (California, USA) and Orlando (Florida, USA)

Asia: Hong Kong (China), Tokyo (Japan) and Shanghai (China)

Europe: Paris (France)

The first Disneyland was the park in Anaheim, California, while the Shanghai Disney Resort was opened in 2016.

All inclusive Disney vacation packages 2019- Advices tips

How much cost of the entry tickets for disneyland?

Disneyland admission rates vary from park to park and seasonally. Children generally pay less than adults. Visitors can also choose which areas of the park they would like to visit. There are tickets for a single theme park or special combo tickets that include entry into all available areas. Among other things, day passes, multi-day passes and even annual passes are offered to die-hard Disney fans.

Regular specials such as early bird tickets or limited-time discounts such as adult tickets for the price of a children’s ticket are also available. In the booking calendar on the websites, the days are usually marked in color, on which particularly favorable offers are available or in which the prices are particularly high. So it’s worth comparing the prices before booking and look out for attractive bargains.

Visitors who want to stay overnight within the resort often also enjoy a discounted entrance fee. In some cases, the entrance fee to the park is included in the room rate. Detailed information on prices, available discounts and package offers can be found on the websites of the respective Disneyland resorts.

You will find many cheap accommodations around the Disneyland resorts. Alternatively, you can book holiday packages for example to Disneyland Paris. Tourists should also consider when planning the trip, that in addition to the pure admission fee may incur additional fees, such as tourist tax or parking fees. Of course, visitors should also budget for some on-site meals and souvenirs.

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