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Disneyland: A land of dreams for the children

Disneyland in California is the world’s most famous theme park. Here children can meet all the characters that they have come to know and love in animated films with Mickey & Co. In 1955 Walt Disney put his long-cherished desire to create a land of dreams for children into action. Today we will review the Disneyland Orlando matter.

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Disney’s success

In 1927, cartoonist Walt Disney made the breakthrough with the character Mickey Mouse, who became the star of his cartoons. There were other cult figures, such as Donald Duck and Goofy, created the Disney brought great success. From 1937 he tried on full-length animated films. “Snow White” even got an Oscar.

The “father” of success: Walt Disney

After the great success in animation, Disney also devoted feature films and documentaries (“The Desert Lives”). He also worked as a TV presenter. The Disney empire continued to grow, capturing the whole TV landscape.

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Plans for Disneyland

One of Disney’s ideas was a large amusement park, where all the characters of his films should occur. In 1950 he began planning for the realization of this dream. To finance and promote the project, he developed a television program titled Disneyland.

Initially, a site adjacent to Disney Studios in Burbank, California was planned for Disneyland. But as planning progressed, it became clear that the project was going to take up much more space than originally planned. Researchers at Stanford University found on behalf of Disney a larger, more suitable area in Anaheim near Los Angeles, which was also perfectly connected by a new highway traffic.

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