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Disneyland Paris Admission: What’s available for tickets?

There is a 1-day ticket, a ticket for 2 days Disneyland and other tickets for 3 and 4 days, where you can choose whether you want to visit one or two parks. In addition, even more dated tickets including a shuttle are offered. The prices are divided into Mini, Magic, Super Magic and Super Magic Plus admission prices. Sounds pretty good, but what exactly is what you do not hear at this beautiful sounding name of Disneyland Paris Einritt tickets immediately.

Disney world packages with airfare and passes- Information

It is important that you can NOT buy the tickets Mini, Magic and Super Magic at the ticket desks of Disneyland Paris, but only in advance on the Internet. It is also important that these three mentioned tickets are not refunded. If you have pre-purchased a ticket of these categories, you will only have the option to go to the ticket office of the Parisian amusement park and exchange the ticket for a valid ticket on your visiting day. Of course you have to pay the price difference there.

Disney world packages with airfare and passes- Advices and tips

For a lot of flexibility, the admission ticket Super Magic Plus, as it applies all year round without exception. It can be bought both on the internet and at the ticket desks of Disneyland Paris. Tickets purchased at the ticket office are considered for immediate visit. Tickets that you buy on the internet are only valid for a limited period of time (please note!). The exception is the Super Magic Plus tickets purchased on the Internet, which expire the day after purchase and last for 1 year.

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