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Expansions in the Disneyland Paris from 2021 in planning

Multi-year expansion plans for Disneyland Paris is explained. The development program starts in 2021 and runs in several phases. The area of the Walt Disney Studios park is significantly increased. There are three new themes to the worlds of Marvel, The Frozen – completely unabashed and Star Wars as well as a variety of new attractions and live entertainment offerings. A lake is to serve as a link and entertainment center for the new parking areas. We can be curious!

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Pets at Disneyland Paris

Pets such as dogs and cats are prohibited in the Disneyland for safety reasons. Pets are not allowed in either Disney® Parks or Disney hotels. Guide dogs for the visually impaired and assistance dogs for the physically handicapped are an exception. These guide dogs must be kept on a leash and constantly under control. Dog owners can accommodate their dogs in the Disneylands pet board. It is located near the guest car park. Prerequisite for the delivery of your pet in the pension is a microchip and a rabies vaccination certificate. The latter must be issued by an official veterinarian and translated into French. The staff at the pet board feed and care for your animals.

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Disneyland Paris Hotels and Nature Resorts

With a total of six hotels and two Nature Resorts, Disneyland Paris offers you the chance to spend the night in Disneyland Park, amidst the fascinating world. Which hotels and resorts are, I’ll show you below and link directly to suitable offers. The prices for Disney Hotels and Nature Resorts vary. They depend on the hotel category, location and travel period. It is a little cheaper if you are looking for a hotel outside the Disneyland Park for your stay. If you want to stay in the ambience of the magical world of Disneyland┬«, you can spend the night in one of the eight partner hotels of Disneyland. Choose from the Vienna House Dream Castle or the Vienna House Magic Circus. If you want to save your wallet, you can look for a very ordinary hotel in France. For European guests worth a visit to Paris, which includes a trip to Disneylands. So your hotel can be in the city of love and you visit the popular theme park just for a day. You will find the best deals for a Paris vacation with me. Take a look around and look forward to your adventurous journey!

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