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Through the turnstiles at the entrance, under the railway station of the Disneyland Railroad – which circles the park – and there we stand on Main Street, U.S.A. Strangely familiar and weirdly alien at the same time. Where is the palace? Very small it ducks at the end of the street. This is new to me: in Disney’s Magic Kingdoms elsewhere, a fairytale castle stands proudly – but I almost overlook the very first of them.

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Walt Disney opened this place in 1955. It was the realization of a dream. Somehow this is felt; that lifeblood that a human has put in here.

Disneyland has charm. Which is not only due to the Christmas atmosphere now at the end of December. The park is 60 years old, much has grown over the years and emerged. Some of it looks old-fashioned and often scarcely misses the embarrassingly ridiculous: the singing Tiki birds, the flat yet so honest joke of the Jungle Cruise, the Matterhorn roller coaster. It’s a bit like all those cute and harmless Doris Day movies from the 50s. There is no trace of today’s irony or sarcasm.

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Is it bad?

Compared to the later parks, Disneyland is small and narrow: we just need to turn, it seems, and then we stumble into the next attraction. From the Pirates of the Caribbean queue we look up at Tarzan’s Treehouse, to the right of us Mississippi Steamer, the stately Haunted Mansion and the peaks of Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. In between all the people. The park is full, and yet it works stress-free. The people are having fun.

Disneyland – the only Disney park that Walt Disney saw in his lifetime – enchanted. On every corner. With Indiana Jones, we go into the depths of a devilish temple, with Winnie the Pooh in the 100-acre forest and in the squeaky Toontown we meet Mickey Mouse.

The onset of rain in the afternoon we try to escape unsuccessfully in Tomorrowland. We stand for Space Mountain and let us swirl through the cosmos.

In the evening, Disneyland lights up. The park is a skilfully staged sea of light – crowned with parades, fireworks and the spectacular Fantasmic! Show. Mickey takes on the forces of evil, must compete against a huge fire-breathing dragon.

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