Disneyland packages flight hotel tickets- Review article

Who will win?

It’s late when the steps lead us out of Disneyland. The numerous souvenir shops catch me with full force, in my hands I hold full shopping bags. One last look across Main Street over to the small, brightly lit spot: the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Disneyland is Walt’s Park. Disneyland enchanted. Disneyland, I’ll be back someday.

Some info:

Disneyland is located southeast of Los Angeles, in the suburb of Anaheim – best reached by car via Interstate 5.

Information on attractions, opening hours and the (very proud) entrance fees: disneyland.com

Diagonally opposite, not yet visited but on my list, is also Disney’s California Adventure Theme Park.

Three (expensive) Disney hotels offer themselves as overnight accommodations. In addition, there are dozens, some cheap, hotels within walking distance to both Disney parks. There are also Downtown Disney with pubs and shops.

Disneyland packages flight hotel tickets- Information

As the first and only Disney theme park Disneyland Paris opened its doors in 1992, followed in 2002 right next to the Walt Disney Studios. Experience the magic of various Disney films with rides and performances for all ages and meet your favorite Disney characters. Book in advance to avoid waiting on the day of your visit.


1. With the Disneyland Paris app you can check in real time waiting times, use the overview map and see the latest event calendar. There is free Wi-Fi throughout the park, so the app can be downloaded locally.

2. If you plan to collect as many photos as possible of your favorite characters or your roller coaster ride, the PhotoPass + may be of interest to you: with this card, which is handed out to employees during the rides, you automatically collect all your memories online.

3. The snakes get longer during the day, so if you want to use the most popular rides, the time is right for tomorrow. There’s plenty of time in the afternoon to see the shows when your legs need a break or it’s hot.

Disneyland packages flight hotel tickets- Advices and tips

4. Watch for seasonal events and other time periods with special topics! Before public holidays or before major movie releases, there is a different show program and more visitors. Plan well in advance if you want to visit the parks at these times or book for a different period.

5. Avoid losing time in snakes! If there are small children who are not allowed to ride in rides, use Baby Switch: Here, one adult drives while the other waits with the children, after which they can exchange without further delay. If you are traveling with a group, but can split up, use the Single Rider Snakes, if available. Empty seats are filled up here and you get to the train faster.

6. There are many restaurants in both parks. There are three categories (fast food, buffet and à la carte) with different price levels. Reservations are recommended for à la carte meals and meals with characters. Your own food may be brought to the parks, only cool boxes must be handed over at the luggage storage. There is a picnic area between the car park and the main entrance. There are other ways to eat at flexible prices at Disney Village.

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