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Once upon a time – Walter Elias Disney – WALT DISNEY

On a Disneyland Paris site like this one should also lose a few words about the creator of this wonderful magical world!

Michael D. Eisner described him at the opening of Disneyland Paris as “Master Storyteller” and this name is probably the one that Walt describes correctly.

Not only he told his stories with his comics, but he also continued with the theme parks later.

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He created a family atmosphere within the Disney Company and also in the only “his” park whose completion and prosperity he was allowed to experience. This atmosphere was transmitted to all employees of Disneyland Park in Anaheim and thus to the guests. And his spirit still lives on everywhere where people are entertained by the Walt Disney Company, be it in Anaheim, Orlando, Tokyo or just Paris.

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When Walt was still alive, Disneyland had a special flair, it was the one who constantly strolled through the park and who always had an open ear for the Cast Mamber, who also listened to suggestions from the street sweepers and sellers and those in his reflections on the future of the park included. It was also he who enjoyed lunching in the staff canteen and sitting down at one of their tables and chatting with them. He was simply “Walt” to everyone, the good spirit of the park and the entire company, he is the father of the glamor, the flair that today grabs anyone who enters one of the parks.His famous speech was at the opening of the park in Anaheim an invitation to all those who wanted to and could lose themselves in the wizarding world, who let themselves drift in the magical world of wonder Walt Disney:

Disneyland is your country. Here age relives fond memories of the past … and here are the challenges and the promise of the future. Here is a dream land. Everything is possible.

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