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A place for Euro Disney is being sought

In the early 1980s, people began to look for a place for a European Disneyland, for a Euro Disney or Euro Disneyland.

The lead was initially at the Disney boss Michael Eisner.

The decision to locate in France was not easy. There were basically four countries that were shortlisted initially:

For Spain as a location for Euro Disney v.a. the climatic conditions that were similar to those of the two US locations. The situation, infrastructure and – not to forget – the political situation, after all, Spain was only a few years ago a democracy, spoke against the country.

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Great Britain was also under discussion, but that would have been due to the much lesser problem with language, but the climate and the lack of space suitable for construction. For Europe, the excellent infrastructure and the high average income, but the high land prices and the lack of suitable construction areas quickly made sure that European countries soon left the considerations.
For France, the government’s great willingness to support the project and the presence of large, shallow construction sites that seemed ideal for the resort.

At the end, the race was decided between the three locations Barcelona, Marseille & Paris. Marseille fell out of the race quite quickly, after it had turned out that massive rock formations were in the underground of the planned area.

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The decision has been made: Euro Disney is being built near Paris

Paris finally spoke of the compromise between useful climatic conditions and the ideal location in Central Europe – 68 million people lived in a car journey of only 4 hours, 300 million were only 2 hours away by air – and Paris as a tourist magnet that promised great potential. Of course, it was not to be despised either.

After Michael Eisner had finally personally assured himself that the travel time with the RER / Metro from downtown Paris to the planned Euro Disney location at Marne-la-Vallee was not more than 45 minutes, the decision had been made and on 24. In March, a contract was signed between Michael Eisner and French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac for the construction of Euro Disneyland – Euro Disney was on its way.

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