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The life of Walt Disney

As Walt died, the park and the employees lost their father figure and nothing should be the same as before. On the eve of his death, the band of the park played “When You Wish Upon A Star” and probably each of the cast members, young and old, had their tears in their eyes as they remembered “their father” Walt.

Walter Elias Disney had four siblings. In his childhood and youth, the whole family was dependent on the business fortunes of the patriarchal ruling father. The whole family had to change their place of residence several times in order to repeatedly look for opportunities for a new beginning.

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One of the stations was Marceline, a typical American town. From the glorified memory of this childhood city, Walt later created Main Street in his park, and this model continues in later Disney Parks.

Walt had to beat his life by selling newspapers and selling lemonade or helping his mother sell butter from a cart. But even at this time Walt was shaped by his dreams and in his spare time, he left and wrote adventure stories (for his sister) and painted very much. During this time, the foundation was laid for the later realization of his dreams.

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Towards the end of the First World War, Walt went to Europe, but since he was too young to join the army, he drove an ambulance there and in his spare time he painted helmets and ambulances with little cartoons. After returning to America, he founded Ub Iwerks, his first company: Laugh-o-gram.

Although this company was not a success, it still represented the entry of Walt in the show business dar. In the later time, he works mainly with his brother Roy Disney together who was more for the financially and rationally thinking side and Walt sometimes on the Ground of facts retrieved.

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