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Walt Disney’s Life

In 1925, Walt married Lillian Bounds.

The first character Walt invented was “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit”, but his rights were stolen from him.
The breakthrough came in 1928 with the first Mickey Mouse movie “Steamboat Willie”.

Later followed such famous films as “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, for which even a series of Oscar statuettes was made especially for the Oscars: a big and seven small Oscars, “Fantasia” or “Bambi”.

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But the realization of his greatest dream was yet to come. He wanted to create an amusement park that was different from anything known at the time, a park designed to be a place for both children and adults to live their dreams. An amusement park, which should be clean and well organized and, above all, stories should be told throughout. So it happened that in 1955 the Disneyland was opened in Anaheim.

But that did not satisfy Walt’s ambitions, he wanted to create more parks, models for a new society. Unfortunately, he no longer experienced the realization of his dream in Florida.

Walt Disney died in 1966 at the age of 65 years.

Walt – we wish you upon a star

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Disneyland – The original

December 2012. Disneyland is pretty helpless when it comes to rain, I’m surprised to see. Covered queues like in Orlando, Tokyo, Paris – Nil. Eat? Do the people out here on terraces too. So we get soaking wet; We’re freezing in California, and the rest of the day in this otherwise magical place I manage with tons of hot chocolate.

But in the early morning we are still lucky: the sky is as bright blue as we can wish. I am as excited as a 6 year old. Disneyland! You can see the other details in our web site!

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